REAL TidBits Series: Real Estate Careers

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Rather than just a TidBit, we’re taking a big bite on this topic of real estate careers and the benefits of being in the industry. From the more popular and profitable to the more obscure, there are so many interesting options available.  

And this episode touches on everything from investing, which is how First Lien Capital plays powerfully in this arena, to being a real estate agent or broker, property manager, specialty attorney, inspector, appraiser or contractor to servicing mortgages and properties or even being an executive assistant.  

Encompassing residential to commercial to land there are many subsets within each of those areas. The depth and breadth of creative ways to learn and earn through a successful full time or side career in real estate is exciting and expansive.  

Real estate is an important industry of our economy – with greater than 11% of the US economy spent on real estate services. Statistics indicate that more than 90% of US millionaires invest in real estate. And the tax benefits are vast with real estate. 

If you’re an accredited investor and want to know more about investing with First Lien Capital, please get in touch with us at 844-955-4675 or go to firstliencapital.com.  

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