REAL TidBits Series: Retail Site Selection and Triple Net Investments

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In this episode of The Real Estate Lowdown podcast, Host Bill Bymel interviewed Nathan Werner. Nate introduces the role of a tenant rep broker in commercial retail real estate and discusses how the industry has changed over his five decades in the business.

Nathan Werner, Managing Broker, Retail Sites International, has over 45 years experience in commercial real estate, primarily representing major national brands in their expansion throughout South Florida. Nate’s clients include Darden Restaurants, BJ’s Restaurant, Dunkin Donuts, & Taco Bell.  His firm has been involved in site selection and development of dozens of household brands such as Whole Foods, Family Dollar, CVS, and McDonald’s. Nate is one of the most respected tenant rep brokers in the business.

What is a NNNet Real Estate Investment? In this REAL Tidbit, Bill shares a brief description of the types of real estate investment properties that are developed, bought, and sold as triple net deals. The properties range from industrial building to office parks to single tenant retail or restaurant establishments and their value is determined by the capitalization rate of the net lease income.

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