Recruiting in a Side-Gig Economy with Lisa Williams

Adam Torres and Lisa Williams discuss Lisa’s new book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lisa Williams, Chief Inspiration Officer at Perfect Side Gigs and Author of Money Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol.3 – Edition 2), explore Lisa’s writing on the side-gig economy.

About Lisa Williams 

Lisa Williams has been blessed with a career in recruiting for over 25 years. She has always gravitated towards a coaching approach to recruiting and many of her clients She has placed multiple times. After nearly 3 decades of market ups and downs, She found her learning curve had waned and she was feeling less joy in her day to day life of recruiting. The politics of corporate life got more complex. The clients she was working with seemed to also be asking, “is this all I am meant to do?” She wanted to offer more than just a job.

She decided to take the advice she had given countless others and went on a journey to find HER passion and what she would do next in life. Through that journey she has entered the world of business builders and entrepreneurs. She has taken the skills she mastered in corporate America and has shifted to helping others find their true passion and business pursuit. She loves matching people to opportunities and if you are looking for your next job, please reach out to her and she will do her best to help.

About Perfect Side Gigs

We are a passionate group of out-of-the-box thinkers who help those shackled by the golden hand-cuffs of corporate America escape and break free.  Founded by Lisa Williams , we have quickly become a lifesaver to those struggling to find meaning and purpose in their careers. It’s our mission to help the unfulfilled create a new path and reach the ultimate status as a Dream Achiever.  Lisa hit a crisis in her life with the loss of her mom and dearest friend in the same year. She took that energy and went on a path of discovery and found her true joy and passion as a result of it.

Lisa started her own side gig several years ago and realized she loved that more than her day job.  Did you know 70% of Americans who have a side gig also enjoy that more?  Why should we live our lives with 60% of our time at work and have something we would rather be doing?  Lisa discovered there were companies, from a variety of industries, that offer families options to build a business, from home, with simply a computer and a phone.  After 25 years in recruiting, she witnessed far to many times a person would get laid off and have no back up plan and be one paycheck away from not paying their mortgage.  How is that possible in the greatest country in the world that was built as the land of opportunity?!  This country was founded on the principles of entrepreneurship and now we are 90% employees.

We believe every family should have multiple income streams.  Lisa has 5 and is looking for more!  This is a coaching and business pursuit discovery program.  Lisa’s team takes you on a journey of learning the principles of entrepreneurship, leadership development and becoming the better version of you as well as introduction to several vetted business pursuits.  Lisa went from well-paid executive in corporate America, earning mid-6 figure income who didn’t  realize how unhappy she was to a joyful business builder that is teaching others to find their passion and life they were meant to lead.

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