Recruitment in the Medtech Industry: Interview with Cristina Rexach Part 2

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When it comes to hiring great talent in the MedTech industry, candidates require certain skills and aptitudes. With a cultural shift happening in organizations, attracting the right type of candidates has become even more challenging. Cristina Rexach and Ginette Collazo discuss the current industry dynamics in this 2 part series.

Cristina Rexach is a Senior Talent Consultant helping MedTech and BioTech companies with organizational hiring at every level, from early-stage development through the commercialization of their products.

Prior to pivoting into recruiting, Cristina spent 10+ in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry as a sales representative in the cardiovascular and diabetes market. She also earned a BS in Biomedical Science, an MBA, and a Surgical Technician degree, giving her a unique perspective when working with industry companies and candidates. This serves as a great advantage to truly understand their career path and ensure a good fit on both sides of the recruiting equation.

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