Redefining the Idea of Wealth with Kiné Corder

Adam Torres and Kine Corder discuss ideas on wealth.

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Show Notes:

Many believe that the idea of wealth needs to be redefined. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Kiné Corder, CEO, Author and Keynote Speaker at Presidential Lifestyle and Host of The Money and Meaning Podcast, explore how wealth can be redefined and how money can be turned into meaning. 

About Kine Corder

Kiné Corder, NCC, Clinical Hypnotherapist specializing in financial therapy, stress management, and midlife crisis.

Also the CEO of PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE, a wellness company focused on wealth in all of it’s forms. As a member of the Financial Therapy Association since 2015, she helps high-achieving men experiencing a midlife crisis turn their money into meaning. Her team and she also speak to companies, organizations, and schools training on productivity, creativity, sexual harassment, and cultural sensitivity. They do this by first having a series of private conversations with the CEO, because culture trickles down, not up. Next, they share that same system with the workforce in a live or virtual group workshop.

She invites CEOs to share their journey to success in a private membership club called Presidential Experience. There, they can speak candidly to other high-achievers who are looking to reduce stress on their quest for success. She blends a unique set of skills with a background in both financial services and mental health counseling to deliver a life transforming experience. After ten years in the financial services industry, She made the shift to counseling in 2014 when she realized that high-achievers needed help with more than just the numbers.

In 2003, she gained international popularity when she became the spokesperson for ABC’s Extreme Makeover. She was featured on Oprah, Good Morning America, E! Channel, Entertainment Tonight and in various print media entities including Elle, Marie Claire, TV Guide, and People Magazine. Born and raised in Chicago, she graduated from Columbia College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. In 2012, she launched her first book, “The Art of Starting Over.” Most recently, she completed a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Argosy University and went on to become a National Certified Counselor and clinical hypnotherapist.

She loves to travel domestically and internationally for both business and pleasure and pride myself on having a plethora of business contacts and resources all over the world. She now resides in Las Vegas, NV and enjoys learning new hobbies. She also volunteers with Wellbeing Foundation where they educate and cultivate well being.

Contact Kiné at: www.presidentiallifestyle.com

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