Relationally Rich – Di Patterson

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In this part 1 of a 2-part conversation with Di Patterson. Host Scott says “You will love Di (America’s Gerontologist)” as she shares her views on the importance of relationships as we age. Many people who have experienced 40 know that 40 is a pivotal age. Things seem to begin to “go south”, although these changes began much earlier. 

Men begin a strength decline at age 18, and women’s need for bone calcium begins at age 10. And everyone’s kidneys performed at their peak at age 5. Humbling, isn’t it? It is within this context we discuss the importance of relationships. Listen as Di teaches how LOVE is the key to aging well.

Di Patterson, MSG, CPG is a Credentialed Professional Media Gerontologist, and founder at Success in Aging Center®, Inc. and Season of Life® Conference, Inc. Since 1979, Di co-produced several music albums and co-owns Matters of the Heart Music. Since 2008, Di has won 10 National Mature Media Awards and New Product and Technology Awards at dipatterson.com, successinagingcenters.com and her app: Season of Life® Conferences.

In 2012, Di won Senior Care Hero Awards Advocate, Gerontologist and Educator of the Year. In 2015, Di was a guest Gerontologist on NBC’s The TODAY Show, speaking about Senior day programs and caregiving for older adults. Di worked as an Aging consultant on several movies; most notably for Jerry Lewis on his last movie, Max Rose, released in 2016. Di is a guest judge for seniorawards.com.

In 2017, Di hosted her first Season of Life® Conference at Biola University, bringing Pat and Debby Boone onstage to sing and tell their vibrant Aging stories. Di uses media arts to promote her Success in Aging® brands at Success in Aging Center® Inc., Success in Aging TV® and Season of Life® Conference, Inc., a CA Aging Education 501c3 where she is Creative Director of Videos and Essentials Boxes.

Di currently proudly serves as a Board member of Meals on Wheels, Orange County, sits on the Board of the Biola University Alumni Leadership Council, and is an ambassador for Alzheimers, Orange County. Di is a member of GSA: Gerontological Society of America, NAPG: National Association for Professional Gerontologists, ASA: American Society on Aging, and CCGG: California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics.

Di’s book LIFE, CAMERA, ACTION! is available on Kindle at Amazon.com.

Di can be reached at www.dipatterson.com

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