Releasing Music as an Indie Artist: Unpacking the Process with Juliana Hale

In this week’s episode of I Eat Vibes for Breakfast, Host Juliana Hale discussed the topic about releasing music as an independent artist. Juliana also discussed the literal and figurative tea of the day, which included the Tazo Earl Gray Tea, Rihanna’s self-promotion during her Super Bowl performance, and the Megan Fox and MGK split. She also discussed the balloon conspiracy and the world ending, which Juliana has a song about coming out on March 17th. 

When releasing music, Juliana suggests waiting four to six weeks from when you upload it to the DSPs. She also shared some tips, including picking your song, picking a distributor, and making sure your copyright is in check. Lastly, she mentioned that she will be having Laura Short, who works in admin, on the show to go more in-depth about music rights and licensing.

Story Notes: 

  • Picking the song you want to release 
  • Tea of the Day: Tazo Earl Gray Tea
  • Choosing a distributor 
  • Signing up with a PRO 
  • Registering your song 
  • Uploading your song, cover art, release date 
  • Pre-sale date 
  • Entering any features 
  • Linking artist profiles for metadata


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