Remote Work and Technology in Business with Janet Schijns

Adam Torres and Janet Schijns discuss remote work and technology.

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Show Notes:

Working remotely has been an important part of many businesses. With the recent pandemic, it’s become more important than ever. In this episode, Adam Torres and Janet Schijns, CEO of JS Group, explore the future of working remotely and the technology that makes it possible.

About JS Group

We develop high-performance sales cultures and effective channels to market for tech firms. We’ve been doing so since 2002, with industry-award-winning programs and customer engagements. We’re here to help our clients capitalize on changes in tech innovation, customer buying behavior, and evolving distribution and resale models. Whether you need help tweaking your strategy, boosting sales effectiveness, finding and training new talent, or evolving your channels-to-market model, we’ve got you covered.

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