Remote Work and Wellness with Tarin Calmeyer

Adam Torres and Tarin Calmeyer discuss remote work and wellness.

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Show Notes:

Working remotely is a new thing for many. As society has evolved into a remote workforce, wellness has become increasingly important. In this episode, Adam Torres and Tarin Calmeyer, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer at Remote Team Wellness, explore what it takes to maintain overall wellness of a remote working environment.

About Tarin Calmeyer

She’s an international yoga, meditation and wellness coach and she work with forward thinking brands who value the wellness of their workplace. She taught thousands of people around the world to implement simple, mindful techniques that result in monumental lifestyle changes. She founded Remote Team Wellness to support company well-being, regardless of where employees work from.

Find out more about how virtual wellness can benefit your team at www.remoteteamwellness.com

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