Research and Development Tax Credit with Justin Maxwell

Adam Torres and Justin Maxwell discuss research and development tax credits.

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Show Notes:

Research and development tax credits are a great way to offset expenses and add cashflow to businesses. But many business owners don’t even know they qualify for these credits. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Justin Maxwell, Tax and Wealth Strategist at Big Life Financial, explore research and development tax credits and what business owners need to know.

About Justin Maxwell

Wealth Strategist for small business owners. He specialize in tax incentives and rebates, tax strategy, and cash flow banking. Simply stated, keep more of the money you make through wise tax planning and then put that money in financial systems that put your money to work. He works with small to medium sized business owners, dentists, chiropractors, real estate investors, automotive industry, construction companies, software companies, manufacturing firms, franchise owners, real estate brokerage owners and more.

R&D Tax Incentive specialist, 95% of business owners are not using this incentive. They help you get back on average between 10K-50K in taxes. Free qualification check– see how much money they can get you back! Stop losing money and start putting your money to work in a safe way. No more volatility! No more losses!

About Big Life Financial

At Big Life Financial they believe in helping you get the money game nailed down, so you can LIVE BIG and spend your time on the things that matter most to you. They do that by helping business owners create financial systems to optimize the growth and protection of your money.  In short, they teach you how to get your money working in multiple ways WITHOUT the risks of the Stock Market roller coaster or typical financial strategies.  Instead they help you keep risk as low as possible and while creating predictable, scalable returns on your money.

They service clients who have a long term vision of creating wealth and use their team to incorporate all aspects of strategy including: Tax Savings, Growing Assets, Legacy Planning, and coordinating your entire financial team!
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