RevV™ Makes Executive Coaching Accessible To All

Mark Servodidio, CEO and Co-Founder of the Prossimo Global Partners, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Mark Servodidio, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Prossimo Global Partners, introduces RevV™, a professional community platform that focuses on building personal and professional growth through meaningful connections.

Prossimo Global Partners 

Mark Servodidio of Prossimo Global Partners wants to bring out the best in people.

Over the course of his career,  Servodidio has worked with the likes of Pepsico, Kraft Nabisco, and Avis budget group–he knows the personnel-related challenges corporations face.

Servodidio and his co-founder Phil Harkins launched Prossimo Global Partners based on three main principles: talent, teamwork, and strategy. They help businesses find talent and apply new teamwork strategies to get the best results. 

What led to the formation of RevV?

Servodidio understands that human capital challenges can vary from company to company, so Prossimo Global Partners meets business owners where they are. “We assess what the team needs to work on and help the leader improve their existing leadership role,” Servodidio says.

When it comes to improving a team’s performance, executive development is key. “Companies always have some budget for it [executive development], and they’re committed to enhancing their employees’ skills. However, we’ve noticed…some individuals don’t have access to executive tools, quality assessment, individual coaching, and development plans,” Servodidio explains. 

Thus, Servodidio and Harkins saw an opportunity. They wanted to create resources for employees who may not have access to focused career development. Enter RevV, a platform designed to be accessible and affordable.

How does RevV™ help Small Businesses?

RevV helps small to midsize businesses by offering an online community for employees to learn, grow, and connect, while gaining access to certified coaches, assessments, and development plans to boost your talent engagement strategy. “If you own a business and are looking to have a proper strategy to grow yourself and the methodologies of your employees, RevV is your one-stop-shop whether you’re a company with 1,000 workers or 11 employees,” says Servodidio.

Furthermore, RevV™ helps employees feel more confident and effective.  “RevV offers a stage where relationships are formed. Where real learning happens, you walk away with a lot of hearts, and that’s what we’re creating,” Servodidio adds. 

The bottom line: RevV offers high-quality coaching and development resources to businesses who may not otherwise have access to them. And, unsurprisingly, the platform is in high demand–the waitlist is now open at revvgo.com/waitlist.


RevV aims to advance the careers of diverse, growth-minded professionals and multi-generational workplaces around the world. The community emphasizes showing up for yourself and your peers to share knowledge, learn from each other’s unique life experiences, and create meaningful relationships that lead to positive change and fulfillment. Visit the website https://www.revvgo.com/ to read more.