Robert Higgins Part Two With Key Experts From Ontario on E5 Concrete Revolution

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Part two of the episode is with Robert Higgins, Consultant – Product Development, Concrete related and a renowned USA Concrete Expert, with Michael Mcleod, David Burns, Rick Cuthbert and your host Martin Halliwell. They talk about the E5 concrete revolution.

Robert has expertise in moisture-related concrete issues, having been involved with waterproofing, technical committees, professional groups, lecturing, teaching, and construction defect litigation. He is equally involved in product and process development, having developed most of the products manufactured and marketed by his former company SINAK Corporation and owning or co-owning patents for moisture testing.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Reduced Cement Content from 1950 to 1985
  • Lab Study of Concrete
  • Using E5 to Improve the Concrete
  • What is Fly Ash
  • Nano Silica using Admixtures 
  • Benefits of E5
  • E5 Catalyst

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