Robert Massie Discusses the Demand for In-Home Health Services & Remote Monitoring

Robert Massie, Founder & CEO of BrightStar Care of Fairfax and Eclipse Health Solutions, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast

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Robert Massie says the core mission of his businesses—BrightStar Care of Fairfax, an in-home healthcare service provider, and Eclipse Health Solutions, a remote patient monitoring service—is to provide high-quality, cost-effective healthcare services that people can receive in the comfort of their own home. 

How did you get started in the healthcare industry?

Massie’s life was running smoothly, living in Chicago and working as a senior vice-president at a large consulting firm, until a family emergency brought him to a crossroads. His wife’s mother suffered a fall and was hospitalized for a lengthy period of time. After her discharge, it was nearly impossible for Massie and his wife to arrange appropriate, high-quality healthcare services for her in her home in Florida, even though the state is known for its abundant population of retirees. 

The frustrating experience of trying to coordinate those arrangements remotely led to the couple’s decision to start an in-home care service, he says. So, they relocated from Chicago back to their hometown in Northern Virginia and opened a Brightstar franchise there to offer affordable in-home healthcare options to seniors. The goal, he explains, is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patients in their homes while giving family members, near and far, peace of mind.  

Now that the pandemic has changed so many aspects of our lives, how is in-home healthcare changing?

In-home care used to be seen as a luxury, Massies notes, but since the pandemic began, it’s become an absolute necessity as people are less willing and/or able to leave their homes. Traditional healthcare services across the board have moved quickly toward using technology to provide home-delivery, and more people than ever now rely on telehealth services. A natural offshoot of this movement, he says, is the fact that people are now looking more for in-home care services as an alternative to traditional hospital and clinic visits to treat a wide range of concerns- from mild, fleeting illness to chronic conditions. 

What led you to take up a Brightstar franchise?

Noting that his professional experience was steeped in leadership outside of the healthcare industry, Massie says he wanted to enter the industry with a company that knew exactly what it was doing. Brightstar, he explains, had already been in business for many years, providing a seamless array of private-duty personal care and skilled care services. The BrightStar approach was unique in the industry and focused squarely on care quality.  Further, he notes, Brightstar is accredited by The Joint Commission, ensuring a high level of excellence. 

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What in-home healthcare services does your Brightstar franchise provide?

Massie explains that Brightstar Care of Fairfax offers a wide range of in-home services ranging from personal and companion care to skilled care.  Personal care often includes errands and light chores, assistance with daily routines like medications, personal hygiene, bed/chair transfers, and exercising, while skilled care is delivered by certified nursing professionals who provide prescribed treatments like infusions, wound care, oxygen assistance, and tube feedings.

Tell us about your other company, Eclipse, and how it fits with Brightstar’s offerings.  

Not everyone desires in-home care services, Massie notes, as some people may value more privacy or solitude, but still require a certain level of assistance or care. That’s where Eclipse Health Solutions comes in, offering remote health monitoring systems.

“Eclipse is primarily a technology company,” he says, “but plugged into Brightstar, and with a call center that can monitor all of the data trends, or respond if necessary, and inform physicians and clients what’s going on. We felt that it was a need that wasn’t being well met. And so we thought of Eclipse. It’s about two and a half years old now, and it’s beginning to pick up a great deal of steam.”

Massie says patients are expected to follow their daily routines, monitoring their own blood pressure, sugar level, weight, pulse rate, and so on; these routines are logged via a Bluetooth connection that transmits the data to Eclipse, which helps doctors and nurses keep tabs on how the patient is doing at home. When something notable has changed—a blood sugar drop, an irregular pulse reading— an alert is triggered, resulting in a check-in to determine appropriate next steps.

What’s next for Eclipse and Brightstar?

In preparation for oncoming COVID variants, Massie says the companies are diligently working to increase their effectiveness and quality of service, introducing innovations to help people stay home and stay safe, no matter their circumstance. To learn more, visit www.brightstarcare.com/fairfax and www.eclipse-health.com