Rodrigo Loureiro Your Host and Guide on Your Journey on Cyberverse

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In this inaugural episode, Host Rodrigo Loureiro welcomes us to The CyberVerse Business Report podcast. He shares what the podcast is about and amazing stories about CyberVerse. Let’s learn more about it in this episode.

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Rodrigo Loureiro, the Managing Partner at CyberVerse Advisors, is a thought leader, recognized keynote speaker, and active participant in industry conferences, fireside chats, keynote panels, and other industry events. 

He is also an engaging global technology executive possessing a winning blend of business and technical expertise, skill in enterprise IT transformation, and practical experience leading global teams. 

Rodrigo leverages a unique mix of strategic and analytical expertise, consistently exceeding performance goals by aligning the effort of strong teams with organizational objectives. 

About the CyberVerse Advisors:

Innovative and Disruptive Cyber Digital Transformation Advisory Services

New technologies are emerging every day, including advances in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bioengineering. These technologies have the potential to disrupt industries, but most organizations lack the time, skills, or resources to invest in these opportunities. 

Virtual and Interim Technology focused CEO, CIO/CTO/CDO or CISO, advisory services to Boards, Business Owners, CEOs, and their executive teams in small and mid-market companies with a laser focus on profitable sales growth, strategic execution, people development, and business diversification.

Story Notes:

  • Rodrigo Loureiro’s Background
  • What is the Show All About
  • Types of Guest in the Show

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