Role of Businesses in the Well-Being of Employees with Sabina Bhatia

Adam Torres and Sabina Bhatia discuss PayActiv.

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Show Notes:

PayActiv is empowering employees by giving them access to their paychecks in a flexible manner. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sabina Bhatia, Chief Customer Officer at PayActiv, explore how PayActiv is helping employers and employees nationwide.

About PayActiv

PayActiv is the best way for employees to get financial relief between paychecks, a service needed by two-thirds of the workforce. We give businesses the tools essential to ease the financial stress of their employees and build a higher performing workforce.

First to revolutionize timing of pay: PayActiv is the right way to improve employee financial health. Our aim is to empower lower-income American workers with dignity. We accomplish this by providing employees timely access to their earned-but-unpaid wages.

Technology: Our social responsibility DNA and decades of experience in payments technologies helped us reimagine the way financial services should be delivered to lower-income workers. PayActiv is designed to help each and every user reach financial resilience and wellness.

Implemented in companies nationwide: PayActiv serves thousands of employees and industries all across the board—restaurants, factories, hospitals, retail stores, and many more. Walmart is one of our marquee clients. 

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