Rory Bosma, Success with E5 Products Across Western USA

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In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts podcast, Rory Bosma, Independent Manufacturing Representative at Specification Products, talks about the success of E5 products and answers questions regarding the E5 revolution in USA markets and more questions relating to E5 from a special panel of Feng experts with Host Martin Halliwell, David Burns and Rick Cuthbert.

E5 is the only silicate-free nano silica technology that internally cures concrete, thus eliminating the drawbacks associated with wet curing and topically applied products. Patent filed in 2015 and awarded in 2021. Concrete made with E5 effectively controls the bleed of water (95% water retained), keeping it chemically bound at a nano-scale level. Controlling water loss creates up to 30% greater cement hydration efficiency = increased strength, durability, reduced early cracking, reduced chloride ingress, reduced curling, and extended service life. 

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Story Notes:

  • E5 Revolution
  • Precast Concrete
  • Putting E5 on the Precast Industry
  • Polishing E5
  • E5 Shield
  • Silicate-Free Nano Silica Technology
  • Nano Silica Concrete on a Runway

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