Russell G. Luce Talks About His Insurance & Financial Services Career and New Book on Leadership

Russell G. Luce, Senior Partner and Founder at Planning Legacies Financial Group, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Money Podcast.

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Russell Luce says his mission is to impact people’s lives in a positive way on a daily basis. His foray into the world of insurance investments was unplanned but fruitful, and he’s now stayed that course for more than 30 years.

Hailing from a military background, Luce found his way to insurance through a conversation with a pastor who asked if he’d ever considered it as a career choice. As a result, he says it’s important to have a mentor to guide you. He notes that it’s impossible to know everything about the industry, particularly when just starting out, and stresses how foundational solid mentorship can be in opening doors to more knowledge and opportunities down the road.

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Planning Legacies Financial Group

Luce had been working in the corporate realm prior to founding his own firm, Planning Legacies Financial Group, in 2007. The firm’s typical client has at least $300,000 or more in disposable assets, but he says the firm is open to working with clients at other stages of their financial journeys as well. 

Three years ago, the firm gained a new partner Tara De Maria who is 20 years his junior; this age difference in leadership, he notes, is helpful in diversifying the firm’s perspectives, lending itself to a broader range of thought processes and approaches. 

Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success

Luce is a featured leader in the new book Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success. In it, he reveals that a primary source of inspiration for him are his role models, including the mentor who helped him get started. In the book, he describes his tendency to value drive over talent, noting that what matters most is whether or not a person has the desire to learn and grow. 

He also writes that he believes “book smarts” are only useful if you use them, while real-world knowledge, or “street smarts,” are often more helpful at work—and in life in general, too.

One section of the book focuses specifically on why Luce thinks leaders should “stop giving orders and start asking questions.” When asked about the impetus for this advice, Luce stresses the importance of asking questions in order to avoid missing out on the bigger picture, which he says can happen all too easily if you’re consumed with always being right and giving commands rather than learning new things and growing as a result of the knowledge you gain. 

What’s next for Planning Legacies Financial Group?

Luce says he wishes to grow the firm by expanding into more offices beyond its current location in Orland Park, Illinois; a second location just open its doors in Valparaiso, Indiana, followed by plans for a third office in Clearwater Florida. 

To learn more about Russell Luce and Planning Legacies Financial Group, visit www.plfg.org or call  708-981-3152 or 708-308-7545.  For a copy of the book Mission Matters: World’s Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips to Success, click here.