Samantha Joule Fow Talks about the Upcoming Release of Be Decent: Environmental Activism 2.0

Adam Torres and Samantha Fow explore Samantha’s book.

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Samantha Joule Fow, CEO of Axiom Communications Inc., explore Samantha’s new book, Be Decent: Environmental Activism 2.0.

About Samantha Joule Fow

Samantha Joule Fow is fascinated by the disruptive nature of technology, and her focus on environmental advocacy is a natural extension of her training and education in environmental policy as well as her passion for nature and the outdoors. After completing her undergraduate studies in economics, Samantha went on to earn a J.D., a Master’s in Energy Regulation and Law, and an LL.M in Environmental Law from Vermont Law School. Samantha founded technical writing and digital marketing company Axiom Communications in 2017, and she continues to advocate for positive social and environmental change as a writer, facilitator, teacher, and speaker. To see more of Samantha’s work, check out her other online publications. 

About Axiom Communications Inc.

Axiom Communications offers a smart, modern, and forward-thinking approach to advocacy, journalism, and building a digital identity for your brand. Whether they are preparing training materials for educational programs or building a digital identity for the hottest new tech startup, Axiom Communications professionals all share one key skill: they communicate complicated ideas in simple ways.

At Axiom Communications, they’re connecting people. Not by bombarding them with content, but by sharing information in a warm, friendly, and interesting way. Communication is much more than just putting words up on a screen. It’s building understanding and sharing knowledge. The Axiom team specializes in taking the highly-technical aspects of your business and breaking them down in a manner that is interesting and understandable to the everyday person.

Axiom Communications is powered by talented people, coming from several professional and academic disciplines, ranging from law and finance to medicine and psychology. But what they all have in common is the degree of emotional intelligence and technical communication skills necessary to connect with people in today’s virtual world. Axiom’s communications experts understand what it takes to create clear, trustworthy, and engaging written content that can reach today’s over-exposed consumer.

Founded in 2017, Axiom provides communication services for clients looking to develop educational content, connect with customers, build a digital presence, or generate informational materials. Their clientèle includes advocates, institutions, and companies that operate in highly-specialized and technical fields.

No matter how complicated your business activities or how nebulous your vision may be, they can work with you to make sure your message is communicated effectively. So, if you need help developing informational content, a digital presence, or any other written materials that reach your audience, contact Axiom today.

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