Sammy Courtright Talks About The Growing Importance of Flexible Team Management

Sammy Courtright, Co-Founder at Ten Spot, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Sammy Courtright talks with Mission Matters about her employee relationship management (ERM) platform, Ten Spot, and how it helps business leaders manage flexible teams across their companies.

What mission matters to you? 

Courtright aligns her work with her values, helping businesses grow through efficient team management with a specific focus on the importance of flexibility. 

“We at Ten Spot are obsessed with building a product that makes everyone in the world love where they work,” she says, “and we feel strongly that the role that managers play has a big impact on the employee experience.”

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

When Courtright was a senior in college, she launched a jewelry company with three other founders in Los Angeles. Of those days, she recalls, “On the weekends, I would be flying back and forth helping with sales distribution, PR, design, whatever we had to do—we designed handcrafted artisanal jewelry.”

After graduating, she moved to LA and began working at another startup. “This is really where the entrepreneurial kind of flywheel effect began to happen,” she says. “I met my co-founder, Jon, and we partnered up and began working on a company called Fitspot, which pivoted during the pandemic and then became Ten Spot.”

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What kind of advice would you give to people who are just getting started?

Courtright advises those who are taking their first step toward building a business to validate the needs of the market first. 

“One of the biggest learnings from all of my professional career has been to validate the problem that you’re trying to solve as a company that you want to build with customers,” she advises. Once that’s done, though, she encourages enterprising people to “Go for it and go for it quickly.” 

Tell us more about your company, Ten Spot.

Ten Spot is an employee relationship management (ERM) platform. Businesses are often lacking in the way they communicate with their employees, sometimes failing to understand their issues, and that’s where Ten Spot can step in. 

“We provide managers with needful insights and automation data which assists in managing flexible teams,” Courtright explains. 

How does Ten Spot benefit companies?

Through Ten Spot, business leaders can get insights about their employees.

Insights can range from employees’ preferred forms of communication and feedback to personal interests, past and present achievements, and more, giving managers a clearer picture of who their teams are made of and how they work best. It also builds chemistry and community across teams, helping them click and work better together even if they’re entirely remote.

Since Ten Spot works across all industries and benefits brands of any size, she notes, it can efficiently contribute to better employee relations for virtually any company. 

To learn more, visit Ten Spot online.