Sarah Comstock Discusses the Importance of Easy, Affordable Respiratory Virus Testing 

Sarah Comstock, Scientific Consultant at GSBiomark and Professor at Corban University, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

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Healthcare entrepreneur Sarah Comstock believes Covid-19 testing should be easily accessible and affordable to everyone. Through her work with SalivaDirectTM and GS Biomark, she’s on a mission to make that vision a reality.

How did your background lead you to your work with Covid tests?

Comstock’s field of research is molecular biology and physiology, which led naturally to her response after the first Covid lockdown, bringing technical equipment to Santiam Hospital to supplement their limited supplies and help them develop an in-house testing process. As a result, the hospital’s lab became the first in Oregon to receive approval to run SalivaDirect testing. As the athletic season rolled around, it tested sports teams to ensure greater safety, and it’s since received grants through Oregon’s public health office to provide testing to vulnerable populations and schools across half a dozen counties.

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Why do you think Biomark LLC is the best provider of saliva test kits, and what kinds of organizations can work with them?

“It has been incredibly fulfilling to help small and large labs across the country bring this affordable testing to their clients,” Comstock says, noting that GS Biomark offers consistency, affordability, and service across the board. 

GS Biomark serves hospitals, labs, large employer groups, schools, and events, she notes, remarking that it strives to make respiratory solutions affordable for all, including underserved communities. There’s a commitment to delivering superior value and customer service in their efforts to limit the impacts of Covid-19, various types of flu, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Respiratory viruses in general are here to stay, she warns, so it’s wise to stay prepared.

What’s next for you?

Comstock says she plans to continue growing SalivaDirect and GS Biomark’s reach, developing new kits, adding new labs, and helping partners enter new markets to extend their reach as well. 

To learn more, visit www.gsbiomark.com or email its sales department at [email protected].