Scaling Your Business with Anthony Weinkopff

Adam Torres and Anthony Weinkopff explore scaling a business.

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Show Notes:

Scaling a business is the goal of many entrepreneurs. The ups and downs of accomplishing this feat can be difficult.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Anthony Weinkopff, Director and Co-Founder at Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services, explore what it takes to scale a business. 

About Sanjay Prasad 

Mr. Anthony Weinkopff is an experienced educator and one of the Co-Founders of Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services. As a teacher in the classroom and as a tutor, Mr. Weinkopff saw the need for students to find a holistic and personalized educational support system. And, thus Embrace Tutoring & Educational Services was launched with the belief that teachers have the power to motivate, inspire, and even instill a love of learning!

Before joining Embrace, Mr. Weinkopff has had extensive teaching and research experience, and authored or co-authored numerous publications. As a life-long learner, he has conducted research at Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and Cal Berkley. He has experience teaching high school mathematics, reading, writing, physics, chemistry (college, honors, AP), biology (college, honors, AP), anatomy and physiology (college level), and organic chemistry (college level). He has coached soccer and basketball and was also recognized nationally as “Teacher of the Week” by Carney Sandoe and Associates in 2013. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading literature, and staying active.

About Embrace Tutoring and Educational Services

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