Scott Kim and 3 Cultural Values for Product Driven Culture

Scott Kim, CEO of RocketReach, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres.

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Product Driven Growth has become buzzwordy recently, but the core of it, a Culture centered on Product, can be the primary driver around high-growth businesses.  That’s precisely what Mr. Scott Kim, CEO at RocketReach has been focused on in his journey to help businesses change their growth trajectory.  Being a data-driven enterprise, RocketReach focuses on quality, ease of use, and breadth everyday.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, Scott was fortunate to get extensive exposure to vast business processes and workings from an early age. While lending a helping hand in their family retail store, Kim gradually polished his business acumen and developed the ability to understand customer needs. Initially opting for the medical domain while commencing college, Scott recognized his significant inclination towards the technology field. It was this shift of choice in his primary subject that led him to pursue the vision that eventually led him to join and lead RocketReach.

Scott has been led by the decisive factor of product quality and swears by it completely. Being a firm believer in this product-focused approach, he aspires to perfectly blend core business essentials with advancements in technology to create reliable, user-friendly products.

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Cultural Values for a Product

While discussing RocketReach and its impactful working culture, Scott reveals the key attributes that attracted him to join the firm: product-driven focus on customer experience. Analyzing the fundamental aspects of having a successful product, Kim highlights the importance of a seamless user experience that drives engagement.

Talking about the essential cultural values that impact business results, Scott notes three in particular as most foundational:

  • Data-driven: Engineering all products based on meticulous analysis of data and information
  • Velocity: Creating a compounding effect by making quick business decisions without the fear of failing
  • Autonomous design: Providing every individual with the ability to make decisions, giving everyone the responsibility to help drive the business

RocketReach caters to 450 million professionals across 17 million companies predominantly in the domains of marketing, sales, and recruiting. Unifying people around the need for accurate data and contacts, RocketReach enables individuals and brands to reach out to their audiences in an effective manner. 

RocketReach’s Unique Features

What makes RocketReach different from the rest of the industry competitors are their distinctively designed products with unique features. These well-planned and religiously implemented attributes set the firm apart, resulting in its increased credibility. These include:

  • Quality 
  • Breadth 
  • Ease of use 

Having a broad target group of clients, RocketReach serves individuals, brands, and small and medium-sized developing businesses. 

Future Plans

Scott shares his visionary plans for expanding the business multifold and designing better products through extensive testing. “We are the first and the most aggressive data testers,” shares Scott while talking about his in-house approach.

Aligning their mission with practical actions, RocketReach is hiring across all their fields, and would be delighted to onboard fresh talent.


RocketReach is built by a close-knit team of engineers and designers all over North America. Our founders have a cumulative 13 patents between them and decades of experience in petabyte-scale data mining. RocketReach believes in a culture of high accountability, where data and experimentation guide decision-making and direction. We care deeply about data, science, elegant solutions, and most of all, the needs of our users.

To know more about the firm and apply for the open positions, visit RocketReach here.