Seamless Experience and Building Decade-Long Customers – Misa Chien

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Host Jonathan Shroyer talks with Misa Chien, Co-Founder and CEO at Auto Pilot Reviews. Misa helps Customer Service Leaders manage and motivate their agents remotely through real-time customer feedback. Their post-call survey provides loving customer service stories to the entire organization, giving everyone purpose and recognition like no tomorrow.

She’s a partner with customer-centric, culture-obsessive companies. Autopilot inspires your support reps to amaze customers, which yields an immediate, dramatic, lasting increase in NPS and improvement in QA and FCR.

Autopilot shows reps proof their work matters. When you partner with Autopilot, you get the instantly gratifying, cost-effective and scalable SaaS that leading customer success teams are looking for.


  • 30% of SMS surveys sent result in customer feedback
  • 90% of this customer feedback is positive, on average
  • 100% of support tickets are resolved by auto-escalating open tickets
  • Zoom in on individual rep performance, not just districts & teams
  • Specify feedback with custom fields

At UCLA, Misa caught her big break, she signed with LA Models as one of their top models, and became the Asian face of the world’s top beauty and fashion brands. She knew she wanted to be a serial entrepreneur and founded Nom Nom Food Truck out of college, and she scaled that business to 7-figures and a 30-person team. 

“Being an entrepreneur and a mom has been one of my life’s most fulfilling and challenging journeys, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Currently raising two little humans while scaling Autopilot into the most powerful SaaS for boosting customer success NPS.” Misa says.

Misa’s mission is to help customer service leaders inspire a culture where reps are intrinsically motivated to amaze customers.


LinkedIn Top Voice, 2015
Inc 30 under 30, 2011
Forbes Women To Follow, 2010 & 2011
TedX Speaker “How To Embrace Imposter Syndrome” 2020

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