Self Publishing Through Ghostwriting with Steve Eggleston

Adam Torres and Steve Eggleston discuss self publishing.

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Show Notes:

Using a ghostwriter can be a great way to self publish a book. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Steve Eggleston, Best-selling author, ghostwriter, Founder and CEO at Eggman Global Agency, explore the ghostwriting process and what it takes to self publish a book.

About Steve Eggleston

Critically-acclaimed, Amazon Bestselling author, ghostwriter, co-writer, memoirist, collaborator, and writer for hire, published in fiction and non-fiction, in books, novels, newspapers, magazines, blogs, White Papers and all variety of web content. With his diverse and storied past in law, entertainment, music, media, inspirational speaking, and his wide and diverse writing, his goal is to help people tell the stories that need to be told, to bring awareness to important social issues, and to author and publish works of wide or unique interest. See his diverse life and writing experiences at http://steveegglestonwrites.com/

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