Matt Gilbert: Selling Without Regrets Requires Alignment with the Right Transaction Advisor

Adam Torres and Matt Gilbert explore the role of a transaction advisor.

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Show Notes:

Matt Gilbert, Co-Founder and Principal at Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors, LLC

Selling a business can be complex. Working with the right transaction advisor can make a big difference. In this episode, Adam Torres and Matt Gilbert, Co-Founder and Principal at Gilbert & Pardue Transaction Advisors, LLC, explore the role of a transaction advisor and what business owners should consider when selling a business. 

About Gilbert & Pardue Business Advisors

Gilbert & Pardue (GaP) is a Houston-based Business Advisory firm offering Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory and Brokerage, Business Owner/CEO Coaching, and Business Consulting services to lower-middle and middle market companies. They work closely with business owners and CEOs to create added value in their companies and then assist them in converting that value into liquid wealth, primarily through executing a well-designed exit strategy.

Matt Gilbert and Bret Pardue, principal partners in GaP, have over 50 years combined experience in founding, entrenching, operating, acquiring, and successfully exiting a multitude of businesses ranging from $4 to $65 million in annual revenues. Their experience, expertise, commitment to excellence, and integrity provide business owners and CEOs with the coaching and tools necessary to develop the right strategies and tactics that will prove to increase the value of their companies. Upon exiting the business, the realization of this increased value is demonstrated through greater cash liquidity to the owner.

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