SEO and Scaling Businesses with Eric Rosado

Adam Torres and Eric Rosado  discuss SEO and scaling best practices.

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Show Notes:

  • SEO
  • Scaling businesses
  • Automation
  • Process strategies

SEO and scaling a business go hand in hand. If your SEO is done correctly, more leads should come in causing the need for more processes to handle the inflow.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Eric Rosado, CEO of Karma Snack Marketing, explore best practices for SEO and scaling businesses.

About Eric Rosado

Mr. Rosado is a true pioneer in the field of Internet Marketing Services and considers himself as he puts it “A student of the market”.

Mr. Rosado has achieved more than 1 million rankings 1st position rankings on Google, managed top 15 Nielsen net rating websites, and holds over 20 certifications in Internet Marketing but his biggest testament is his client’s results. Over $3 Billion to date!

Over the last 17 years, Mr. Rosado has overseen internet marketing strategy for AT&T, Comcast, Time-Warner, Verizon, HSBC, ING, HP, Bank of America, and Nike to name a few.

Mr. Rosado also notably spent 8 proud years in the United States Marine Corps. His new mission is to apply the same discipline of excellence that he earned in the United States Marine Corps and apply them to leading enterprise-level search marketing teams.

About Karma Snack Marketing

Karma Snack was the brainchild of Adelard Gasana and Mr. Rosado. Karma Snack is a search marketing agency specializing in online branding, Web marketing, and lead generation.

Karma Snack has paced the search engine marketing industry, led by a world-class team of industry experts. CEO Eric Rosado has overseen digital marketing campaigns for several major banking institutions. He has delivered 65,000 page-one Google rankings and $3 billion in revenue for his growing customer base. He embodies Karma Snack’s mission of being “First in Rankings, First in Results,”

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