Serving the Senior Market Through Because with Luca Gualco

Adam Torres and Luca Gualco discuss how the needs of the senior market are being addressed through his latest venture

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Show Notes:

  • Subscription model
  • Understanding the baby boomer market
  • Dentures
  • CBD

Addressing the growing need of Millennials has been a hot topic for a long time now. But what about our senior market? Not only is their need, but opportunity exists for those willing to solve problems and add value. Adam Torres and Luca Gualco discuss how the ever growing needs of the senior market can be addressed.

About Because

Because is a new wellness brand and E-commerce company specifically for older adults. Our initial product offerings focus on incontinence- we’re attacking a problem affecting half of adults over 65. We started the company to help our parents and grandparents, understanding that they weren’t the only people who’d benefit from getting better incontinence supplies delivered directly to their front door. 

Because we care deeply about this, we’re leveraging our prior experience at companies like eBay, Uber, and Ferrari, translating that into high-touch convenience and quality that fits seamlessly into people’s lives. 

Because what really sets us apart is our focus on keeping a continuous dialogue with our members. Response from the community has been overwhelming and we’ve been fortunate to grow quickly. Because late life is more than just a lame version of middle age. Want to make an impact on the lives of tens of millions of people? Come join the team.

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