Shane O’Neill on 35 Years of Hydrogeology and Value Engineering’ Expert’ Skills that Lower Cost, Schedule & CO2 on Projects

In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Martin Halliwell talks to Shane O’Neill, Principal hydrogeologist at O’Neill Hydro-Geotechnical Engineering. Shane is a professionally registered senior hydrogeologist with expertise in all aspects of groundwater, from mine hydrogeology to water resources development, bottled water to geothermal energy, and 2D groundwater flow modeling to complex 3D hydromechanical models.

He worked for groundwater consulting firms, manufacturing facilities, and large multinational mining and oil service companies in project management, team leader, and business development roles. Shane has expertise in low enthalpy ground source heating projects for buildings with high thermal inertia for over 25 years.  

Shane Developed 3D groundwater flow models for large downtown sublevel basement development projects surrounded by geotechnically sensitive buildings, requiring dewatering and depressurization. He is also currently providing specialist hydro-geotechnical consulting and contracting services to the mining industry.

He published and presented at many conferences covering pit slope depressurization, hydromechanical coupling, downtown dewatering and depressurization, and ground source heating for large buildings.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes

  • History of Shane’s Interview Background
  • Getting PhD in Hydrogeologist
  • Rock Slope Stability
  • Experience in a Salt Mine
  • Silks and Sands
  • Mining Excavations
  • Reducing C02 Content
  • View on Climate Change

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