Sharing Awareness About the Mental Illness Epidemic Caused by Early Exposure to Contact Sports

In this episode of Kid’s Brains Matter, Bruce Parkman shares his personal story about the loss of his 17-year-old son Mac and how his loss inspired him and his family to spread awareness about the links between Youth Contact Sports, Brain Trauma, and Mental Illness affecting child athletes. He aims to spread awareness using the podcast on this relevant issue about mental illness. Parkman says, “As the podcast series unwinds and we start talking about sub-concussive trauma and concussive trauma in the brain, what is important to understand for all of us, is that our kids’ brains are developing.”

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Story Notes:

  • The Mission of The Foundation for Adolescent Concussive Trauma (FACT).
  • Mental illness: A result from early age contact sport injuries.
  • Delay contact sports during critical brain development years.
  • The Foundation’s advice to parents.

Learn more at: www.mpfact.com