Should Businesses Bring Digital Marketing In-house? with John Horn

Adam Torres and John Horn  explore digital marketing.

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Show Notes:

Business owners are often faced with the decision of whether or not it makes sense to outsource digital marketing or bring it in-house. In this episode, Adam Torres and John Horn, CEO at StubGroup Advertising, explore digital marketing trends and outsourcing.

About John Horn 

His job is to help clients achieve their goals as efficiently and effectively as possible using pay-per-click advertising. He lives and breathes PPC, and he could talk with you for hours about campaign types, bidding strategies, keyword structure, and so on, but what really excites him is figuring out how to use those technical abilities strategically for each client’s unique scenario.

That’s especially true as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and the rest of the PPC channels automate more and more of the work that specialists, agencies, and in-house teams have traditionally done manually. 

Smart advertisers who understand when to trust automation and the best way to use automation to accomplish their unique goals are the advertisers who are going to win. He spent days looking for ways to keep at the cutting edge of the digital advertising world, equipping the team at StubGroup to provide excellent service to their clients, and speaking with businesses looking for an effective PPC management solution.

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