Situational Awareness Training Saves Lives with Brian Searcy

Adam Torres and Brian Searcy discuss how situational awareness training increases safety.

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Workplace safety is a top priority for many employers. Heightened security and proper preparation are key to mitigating risk. In this episode, Adam Torres and Brian Searcy, Col (Ret) USAF, Founder & CEO at Paratus Group, explore how employers can properly train their employees.

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Show Notes:

  • Situational awareness
  • E-Learning platform
  • Micro learning design
  • Corporate training

About Brian Searcy

After a decorated senior leadership career in the USAF as a commander and combat veteran, he transitioned into executive roles as a business entrepreneur, writer, publisher and public speaker. He co-founded The Paratus Group in 2019 with the objective of using his decades-tested and proven leadership and training experience to solve a need for relevant, effective, trustworthy principles, training methodologies and programs to allow for the learning of Leadership and Situational Awareness.  The Leadership Abilities and Situational Awareness Mindset and Behaviors that are developed allows Critical Decisions to be made in the complex dynamics of the Home, Schools, the Workplace and our Communities to both grow as leaders and to make us all safer.

About Paratus Group

EOPG Global is a comprehensive training facility that trains and bridges all emergency services disciplines. We also train the true first responders in churches, schools and private sector businesses on how to be better prepared to effectively manage and mitigate crisis events. 

We do this by redefining the approach to safety in schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses.  Our solution is a comprehensive look at the systems that you already have in place, how they work together, how you train, how you collaborate, and how you respond from the moment something happens to the time Emergency Services provide definitive help to you.  We look at the dynamics of your culture to develop a plan that works. We then train all of your staff to empower them to act and make critical decisions within the Response Window.

Our comprehensive approach looks at four main components and how they will all work together.

Physical/Structural Security
• Training/Emergency Planning and Response
• Mental Health and Community Resources
• Armed Response

We will always start with an assessment to determine where you are and what is needed.  We then put together a comprehensive program to provide training to build a solid foundation of safety that will be incorporated into the fabric of your culture.  We will assist you in creating daily conversations about safety in your environment.

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