Small Business Cannabis Success Depends on Mindset-first Sales

Adam Torres and Francesca Vavala discuss mindset-first sales. 

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Show Notes:  

Licensed cannabis entrepreneurs often repeat the same mistakes when it comes to sales. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Francesca Vavala, President at The Sales Joint, explore how a mindset-first sales approach can lead to increased sales and customer retention.  

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About The Sales Joint

The Sales Joint was born when we figured out how to turn our services, all those conversations and relationships we have with dispensaries on behalf of farms, into a product. With our help, clients that could follow-through and deliver on those dispensaries’ demands, added new repeat customers, expanded the reach of their brand by more than doubling the number of retail locations they were in, grew their social following, and basically kicked ass.

Now we get to work with more farms than ever before while raising the bar on professional sales in cannabis. The Sales Joint reduces wasted time, energy, and resources on all fronts.

Come meet the cannabis sales experts that can help you take the strain off of your business.