Smardii is Disrupting the Elder Care Industry with Sebastien Gaddini

Adam Torres and Sebastien Gaddini discuss Smardii.

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Show Notes:

The elder care industry is ripe for innovation. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sebastien Gaddini, Co-Founder of Smardii, explore how Smardii aims to advance the elder care market.

About Sebastien Gaddini

Impact Entrepreneurship. Innovation. Global PE/VC Expertise. Independent Directorship/Advisory

Corporate Attorney by trade, admitted to practice law in the State of New York, Paris and Luxembourg (under home title). He has been advising Private Equity, Real Estate and multinational clients on corporate matters in 3 different jurisdictions: U.S., Luxembourg and France. He has been acting as director of Luxembourg holding companies involved in the medical, pharmaceutical, and real estate industries.

Corporate, legal, and tax oversight on International Operations of Fortune 100 companies (covering over 50 countries – North America, LatAm, Europe, Asia, Africa). Strong expertise in cross-border M&A, corporate carve-outs, international expansion, growth strategies and implementation for a wide array of clients (startups, growth companies, small-to-midsize companies, multinational companies). 

About Smardii

Smardii, a U.S. medical technology company, is on a mission to address a global challenge they are all facing: the exponential increase in elderly population combined with the shortage of nurses and medical staff.

Smardii is disrupting the elder care industry. Their technology is turning any adult brief/diaper into a connected smart solution that detects and monitors health conditions, improves quality of life, dignity of care, and reduces operational costs at aging care facilities. Their Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) product can detect urine, stool, temperature, body positioning (for fall prevention/detection, and sleep analysis), and run a real-time urine analysis (pH, Nitrates, Leukocytes, Blood, Sugar, etc…)… all of that real-time in an adult brief! But Smardii can do even more than that! Visit www.smardii.com for more details.

Health monitoring is forever being changed! Nurses efficiently monitor their patients’​ and residents’​ health and well being through a single web-based application. Timely alerts and notifications are sent to and displayed on the Smardii Nursing Station, and automated time logs will evidence the good care given and ultimately reduce risks of potential liability (nursing home neglect claims). In a post COVID-19 world, Smardii helps nursing homes reduce unnecessary contacts between residents and staff, reducing burning rate on PPEs, and ultimately reducing operating costs. 

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