Smartnotes Provides a New Way to Learn with Sarina Ziv

Adam Torres and Sarina Ziv  discuss Smartnotes.

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Show Notes:

Smartnotes is creating a new way for people to exchange notes. One that is community based and provides the authors of these notes a potential to earn income while providing value. In this episode, Adam Torres and Sarina Ziv, Founder at Smartnotes, explore how Smartnotes aims to change the educational landscape.

About Sarina Ziv

For 12+ years I’ve actively grown as a project driver and operations maven // however it’s when facing a lack of clarity that my ability to empower teams and weave nuances into actionable goals really strikes. Rather than simply disrupting industries, I stand on the shoulders of *greats* and IDEATE within the extremes. And I do so with the end user in mind.

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