Social Engagement with Chris Slade

Adam Torres and Chris Slade discuss social engagement.

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Show Notes:

Social engagement is becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide. Have you considered the role it can play for you? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chris Slade, Co-Founder and Director Of Marketing of Plexis, explore social engagement and what professionals should know. 


About Plexis

Plexis is a social engagement app designed to give you a clutter-free way to find, create, and share events with your network of friends and colleagues. If you’re “the planner” of your social circle, this app is definitely for you!  Plexis gives you a user friendly platform to streamline your past and upcoming social activities and keep your friends and colleagues in the loop of what you’re up to! Our mission with our app Plexis is to help you stay connected like never before!

While Plexis is very much an app for anyone that can be used however you see fit, here’s some verticals in particular that could adopt this as a go to app:

– Networking Event Hosts 
– Social Event Organizers
– Charity Event Organizers
– Community Leaders
– Musicians / DJ’s
– Wedding Planners / Go-ers
– Social Media Influencers / Livestreamers
– Podcast Hosts / YouTubers
– Virtual Reality Event Platforms!

We completed the Ben Franklin Tech Accelerator in the Fall and now have released a beta version of the app on the Apple Store. Our AI chatbot feature Plexi is now in beta too. Plexi can be added to your phone contacts and works in conjunction with the app!

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