Social Enterprise to Help Address the Opioid Epidemic Occurring in America with Stephen Deason MBA, MSc.

Adam Torres and Stephen Deason discuss building social enterprises.

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Show Notes:

Building a social enterprise is the goal of many entrepreneurs. But how many of us know how to accomplish this successfully? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Stephen Deason MBA, MSc., Founder and CEO of The OPARASA Group and Author of the upcoming book “Valued: How Purpose Driven Businesses Can Conquer Addiction and Marginalization in America,” explore the process of building a social enterprise along with Stephen’s new book.

About The OPARASA Group

We are a buy-side shop with a human capital advantage.  We teach/hone business skills including (1) Sales & Marketing, (2) Back Office, and (3) Communications.  We provide credible resume-building experiences through a business outsource franchise model that serves local small businesses.  We provide affordable outsourced services to help grow hyper-local businesses and improve local communities. 

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