Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Adam Torres and Tony Restell discuss social media marketing. 

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Show Notes: 

Social-Hire is a social media marketing agency that helps businesses turn social media into a consistent source of leads and sales. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tony Restell, Founder of Social-Hire.com, explore how Social-Hire.com is helping clients grow their businesses using social media. 

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About Social-Hire

Social-Hire is passionate about sharing the very best social media marketing resources and insights for small business owners, recruiters and candidates on the page.

Social-Hire.com is a Social Media Marketing Agency serving Small Business Owners and Recruiting Teams. The team are always on the lookout for amazing content – from LinkedIn tips to Social Recruiting advice to Small Business marketing ideas. Follow them if you’d like these nuggets to appear in your LinkedIn feed.

Social-Hire specialist area is serving B2B small businesses, especially professional services firms like consulting businesses, recruitment agencies, training companies and business coaches.