Sourcing Personal Protective Equipment with Gary Siegel

Adam Torres and Gary Siegel discuss sourcing PPE.

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Show Notes:

Sourcing PPE is not an easy task. Meeting deadlines and delivery shipments in this fast moving market can be tricky.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Gary Siegel, VP Business Development at Tangerine Promotions, explore how Tangerine Promotions is using their expertise to source PPE.

About Gary Siegel

With a background in professional sports and real estate, where branding and relationship building are top priorities, the branded merchandise industry and I are a natural fit. I believe that effective business today is generated through the development of mutually beneficial partnerships, as opposed to traditional client/customer relationships. I have continued to build a successful business based on trust, leadership, commitment and dedication to my partners and their bottom line. People do business with people, not companies.

We have a strong focus on safety, social responsibility and sustainability. Our goal is to build the best sourcing company in the world while upholding the highest standards possible. I am looking to work with companies that take great pride in the products they produce, and want a partner that will do the same. While I do list our general capabilities below, we can customize a program to fulfill the specific requirements of our clients.

About Tangerine Promotions

Tangerines are not an ordinary fruit, and Tangerine Promotions isn’t your conventional promotional products company either.  To us, branding is more than just slapping a logo on a product or POS display. It’s about connecting our clients’​ audiences with their brand identity in unique ways, just like we have for major brands such as Coca-Cola, Captain Morgan, Nestlé, Ciroc, General Electric, In-N-Out Burger and Candytopia to name a few.  For creativity and customization that goes beyond the ordinary, Tangerine is the right partner for our clients’ brands. We bring 15+ years of marketing experience and an exceptional full-service team that can manage promotions from concept development through delivered product. Get Noticed, with Tangerine Promotions.

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