Sports Sponsorships and Sports Marketing with Lee Zohlman

Adam Torres and Lee Zohlman discuss sports sponsorships and sports marketing.

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Show Notes:

Reaching the correct target market through sports sponsorships and sports marketing is important for many businesses.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Lee Zohlman, Commercial Director of SportBusiness Group Americas, explore what businesses should know about sports sponsorships and marketing.

About SportBusiness

SportBusiness has established its reputation as the leading voice for the international sport business community, supplying a host of informational products and services to help our clients make better informed business decisions.

Our publishing, information services and seminars divisions now support some of the most influential figures from sporting federations, governing bodies and key rights holders to leading sponsors, broadcasters and sport marketing companies. For business-to-business marketers, our advertiser, sponsor and partner programmes offer unparalleled access to executives across the range of sports-related organisations – electronically, in print, and person-to-person.

SportBusiness  is driven by the belief that the sports industry is a business sector worthy of its own analysis, intelligence, trade media and B2B marketing services. It is our ongoing goal to maintain a position of leadership both within the industry and in representing the industry to the business community

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