Stacie Feller of KangaRoof Talks About Growing Her Family-Owned Roofing Business

Stacie Feller, the co-owner and president of KangaRoof, was interviewed by Adam Torres of Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Stacie Feller isn’t just the president of KangaRoof; she’s also its co-owner along with her husband and business partner, Scott. Since beginning her career working for an insurance company back in 1996, it’s been a long and eventful road to running and growing a family-owned roofing business in Round Rock, Texas, right outside of Austin, Texas.

Stacie says her company’s primary goal is to change people’s perception of roofing companies by doing things the right way. By that, she means KangaRoof hires hardworking people to deliver consistently excellent results to their customers. “Our mission,” she says, “is to provide better employment to industrious people.”

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How is Austin’s roofing market performing? 

According to Stacie, Austin’s roofing market has continued booming even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. “Many people were scared of recession after the COVID-19 outbreak last year, but (our company was) safe in Texas,” she says. In recent years, the capital city of Texas has seen the addition of brands like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple setting up new offices and driving unprecedented growth to the region. The state itself, of course, is also known for its lack of state income tax, making it an attractive place for people looking to move somewhere new. 

How is growth affecting real estate? 

“Unfortunately,” Stacie explains, “There is not a lot of inventory for houses in Austin, so, people are quoting higher prices than expected.” Describing the chaotic state of its housing market at the moment, she says homes are often sold in just a few hours within their availability being made known. For a variety of reasons, including the rapid pace of the market and the overwhelming imbalance between supply and demand, the current shortage of labor and supplies makes it difficult to complete new development. 

The story behind KangaRoof

KangaRoof is a family business initially set up by Stacie’s husband, Scott, in his college years. Before launching the business in Round Rock, he worked as an engineer, and what began as a contracting business ended up becoming KangaRoof. 

After marrying Scott in 2012, Stacie joined the company in 2016 and they worked together with his sister, Ami, as co-owners to grow the business one customer at a time. Eventually, Scott’s sister spun off her own roofing company about an hour and a half south of Austin.  Since then, it’s been Scott and Stacie running an efficient and reliable family-owned roofing company ever since. 

As Stacie explains, KangaRoof is strictly a residential roofing company that doesn’t construct anything new: their main function is roof replacements,  gutters and repair roofs. 

“We found this is what we’re good at,” Stacie says, “and we want to stick to our (area of) expertise.” 

The core value of Stacie’s family business

“Our core value is to do the right thing.” Stacie says. The team has managers handling the front desk, and Stacie guides KangaRoof’s workplace culture. “Any company that is growing, initially, can slip from your hands real fast,” Stacie says. So, she explains, it’s important to work with people who share the company’s ethos of hard work, efficiency, and doing the right thing in every circumstance. 

Tips for women working in the home service industry

When it comes to the male-dominated history of the roofing industry, Stacie says, “You don’t know how many men have questioned my knowledge.” Women can dive deep into whatever product or service they specialize in and become experts, she says, which may help to shield them from being bullied or humiliated by others. Confidence and authority are key elements of success for women in roles traditionally held by male counterparts, she explains: it’s important to be firm and expect respect.  

The road ahead for KangaRoof

KangaRoof had a record-breaking year in 2020. Two years ago, they acquired an HVAC company and rebranded it to Koala Cooling.  They have discussed expanding into services like plumbing, electrical, and more. But before moving to the next level, Stacie says she wants to ensure the roofing and HVAC companies will hold steady throughout the process without sacrificing any of the excellence they’re known for.  

You can reach KangaRoof through the website, callkangaroof.com.

For HVAC issues, you can contact koalacooling.com, or email Stacie directly at [email protected]


KangaRoof ensures customers are just as well protected as their homes are by a quality roof.   Before any of the technicians are allowed to offer their services, they are thoroughly trained and taught the commitment to complete customer satisfaction.