Starting and Growing an Eco-Friendly Landscaping Business with Nader Abilmona

Adam Torres and Nader Abilmona discuss the eco-friendly landscaping business model.

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Show Notes:

Eco-friendly landscaping is becoming increasingly important as consumers become educated to the harmful effects of some products on the environment. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Nader Abilmona, Founder and Owner at Abilmona Landscaping, explore how Nader is growing his eco-friendly landscaping business and his plans for the future.

About Nader Abilmona 

Nader is a bilingual, strategic-thinking business owner and student with over 5 years of experience in growing profit channels, awarded academic diligence, and implementing creative business solutions. Nader uses his expertise as a business owner and student to successfully market eco-friendly products and services, expand vendor relations, and advance territory development to deliver intricate and unique solutions to both commercial and residential clients alike. Following the completion of his undergraduate studies, Nader plans to use his extensive business experience to become a leader in the self-sustainability/eco-friendly business sector.

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