Step System Towards Improved Vitality in the Workplace

Adam Torres and David Lindsay discuss achieving peak performance. 

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Show Notes:

David is a personal trainer who has devoted his life to helping both CEOs and Olympians achieve peak-performance at work. In this episode,  Adam Torres and David Lindsay, Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker at Phenom Leap, explore what it takes to achieve peak performance.  

About David Lindsay

Over his years as a coach, trainer and athlete he has developed “5 Steps to Improve Vitality”. His Keynote will give you the tools, systems and strategies to raise the Vitality in your workplace. This will raise morale, productivity and therefore the profitability of your business. 

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EMAIL: [email protected]

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMaBxxvBW9_LwnWcL9onMGg

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About Phenom Leap

They will help you discover your potential to become your desired self. This will be achieved through educational training and courses that they have mastered, taught and built upon using seminal and pioneering research papers in notable published journals.

Phenom Leap was created to integrate formal education, life experience and theoretical concepts awaiting to be tested. As a result, they hope to offer awareness to those craving to fulfill the missed learning opportunities of yesteryear, those who prefer a somewhat unstructured or unconventional way of learning or those who just wanted a different mix.

Whatever life stage or situation you are at presently, they hope to inspire or challenge you in some small way so that you will be better than you were yesterday. However, they do understand that they’re not for everyone as we all have different pain points- but that’s ok. If you resonate with what they do. 

Ultimately, their goal is to create a system or set of processes that will help our own children as they grow up to navigate beyond the information age by equipping them with the mindset, methodologies, skills and knowledge to become who they desire to be.