Streamlining Affordable Marketing Utilizing Managed-Distributed Systems with Zack Holland

Adam Torres and Zack Holland discuss marketing solutions.

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Show Notes:

Streamlining affordable marketing is something that SelectFew makes possible. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Zack Holland, CEO and Co Founder at SelectFew, explore how SelectFew is using a managed-distributed system to help it’s clients thrive.

About Zack Holland 

Zack Holland is the Founder & CEO of SelectFew (www.selectfew.co), a new kind of marketing company on a mission to create the most transparent, accountable, and performance-driven growth systems on the planet. At SelectFew, new clients, big or small, are paired with a strategist; an internal, full-time member of their team who is an experienced marketing leader. That strategist then helps the client set priorities, build a growth plan, and design a system of pre-vetted expert freelance and boutique agency specialists who take on everything from SEO and Facebook Ads to brand design and outsourced sales. The entire system is then managed day-to-day, and reported on, by your trusty SelectFew Strategist.

This creates a marketing program that is entirely transparent, with no mark-ups, no white-labeling, and completely flexible month-to-month to match the business’ needs. It’s what they firmly believe marketing will become. Currently hiring: Marketing Strategists, Freelance/Boutique Agency Service Specialists (FB Ads, SEM, SEO, Web Design/Dev), and Marketing Assistants. Reach out!

Holland is an entrepreneur, marketer, startup mentor and creator that regularly operates numerous growth systems for Fortune 500 clients, and has been featured as an e-commerce expert by Influential, Fox, GQ, Forbes, and NBC. A seasoned tech marketing executive, brand designer and growth leader regularly managing sizable teams and over $5m of annual ad spend, with a diverse past client list excelling in the consumer, e-commerce, architecture, design, fashion, beauty, sports, and health industries, including The NFL, Cityblock Health, Starbucks, Amazon, Tesla, HBO, The NHL, Gardein, DEFY, numerous Amazon Top-Sellers, and many others.

He is a serial entrepreneur who has started nine companies of his own, two of which have resulted in acquisitions and several of which have failed miserably; he is equally as proud of the failures. Zack works with and mentors an array of venture-back and early-stage tech and consumer startup leaders, and can usually be found talking through speed bumps over strong black coffee in Brooklyn. In addition to actively connecting pieces of the local startup industry and offering operations, management, growth, and marketing advice, he greatly cares for the mental health of the entrepreneurs around him, and actively attempts to build a sense of community and support for each of them. 

About SelectFew

SelectFew is an evolved system for modern marketing. In a reinvention of traditional marketing and advertising companies, the team at SelectFew develops customized, managed systems to perfectly suit your business.  Every single business is unique, and marketing needs change constantly and quickly. Their vetted group of specialty experts are the best of the best at every service and budget-level you may need, all managed by your very own SelectFew Strategist.

They were tired of seeing good business leaders continually ripped off by shady marketing agency practices. SeletFew was developed to be completely transparent and simple in their pricing model, so that you can trust your marketing funds are being spent on actually growing your business.

Learn more at www.selectfew.co

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