Subscription Management Software with Nick Fredrick

Adam Torres and Nick Fredrick discuss subscription management.

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Show Notes:

Many businesses would like to add a subscription management revenue stream but don’t know how. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Nick Fredrick, President at Rebar Technology, explore what it takes to manage a subscription service.

About Nick Fredrick

He is the President of Rebar Technology Solutions. He helps companies increase revenue, reduce operational expenses, and complete high value objectives. After a decade working in IT and operations at a company centered around customer engagement, he’s an expert in enhancing customer relationships, improving internal processes, and bridging the gap between business and tech.

He spent the last few years of his 10-year tenure at Affinion working as the VP of Operations where he oversaw the delivery of the organization’s products and services and managed 3rd party vendor relationships. The experience he gained in customer and vendor relationships, payment processing, and cloud-based software assisted him in his next role as GM of Strategic Business Solutions at W. Capra Consulting, where he bridged the gaps between technical and non-technical resources and leveraged his understanding of people, process, and technology to develop and implement solutions.

He’s now serving as President at Rebar Technology Solutions, where he leads the team in providing a technology solution that solves recurring billing and revenue technology needs.

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