Supporting International Student & Scholars Podcast

In this episode, Mr. Barsoum and Ms. Zuroff were interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Mr. Barsoum and Ms. Zuroff lead the Office of Global Services at America’s highly ranked and respected higher education institution, The New York University, which hosts the most international students of any university in the USA.

The first speaker, Sherif Barsoum is the associate Vice President for global services at NYU. He is also Adjunct Faculty, Steinhardt International Education Program. Chair, 2021 Annual Conference Committee NAFSA. He has been in the field for 27 years and he was the Vice President of public policy and on the NAFSA Board of Directors. Mr Sherif Barsoum has a master’s degree in higher education administration from Ohio State University and has completed doctoral course work at the University of Alabama. 

Melissa Zuroff is Associate Director for Communications and Outreach in New York University’s Office of Global Services. She holds an interdisciplinary MA in International Studies in which she focused on South Asian Studies and Higher Education Student Affairs. Ms. Melissa Zuroff’s main focus in her current role is to provide students with information they can easily act on and understand. 

In the podcast, Mr. Barsoum and Ms. Zuroff will share their insights about creating successful international student programming that sets international students for success beyond the classroom based on their experience at America’s top higher education institution, NYU!  

Story Notes:

Supporting International Student & Scholars

  • Open Doors Reports by IIE
  • Sharing Model and Factors Affecting Student Success
  • How Programming Outside the Classroom Impacts Student Success
  • Annual NAFSA 2021 is going virtual
  • Technology Transformation

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