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Sustainability Focused Investing with Maximilian Winter Founder & CEO at Neue Fund

Adam Torres and Maximilian Winter discuss the impact of investing in companies that focus on sustainability.

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Show Notes:

Investing in early stage companies that have a sustainability focus seems like it would create a win win scenario for many. Join Adam Torres for this episode to learn why Maximilian Winter, Founder & CEO at Neue Fund, has pursued these types of companies for his venture capital firm.

Maximilian Winter Founder & CEO at Neue Fund and Adam Torres

About Maximilian Winter:

Venture capital investor helping entrepreneurs launch exponential organizations in health and breakthrough technology.

Particular interest in human optimization and health. Strategic interest in automotive and manufacturing technology. Passionate about creating positive impact at scale.

Interests: human potential, growth-mindset psychology, nature, sports (martial arts, yoga, resistance training, basketball), philosophy.

Specialties: HealthTech, Healthcare, DeepTech, Impact, Startups, Early Stage, Seed, Series A, VC, Angel Investor, AutoTech, ManufacturingTech, Robotics, IoT, AgTech, connecting the dots. 

About Neue Fund

Neue Fund is a venture capital firm that is on a mission to invest in not only world-class ideas but also world-class entrepreneurs that seek to radically improve the human condition and the world around us. Neue (pronounced “Noh-Yeh”) is the German term for “new”, in which we seek to invest in the newest disruptive technologies, ideas, and innovations in healthcare, artificial intelligence, manufacturing, agriculture, and automotive industries that will ultimately shape our world both now and in the future. We are passionate about not only cutting-edge innovations but the people behind them. Thus, we advocate, support, and guide entrepreneurs in early-stage ventures to harness their true potential and ultimately achieve high multiple exits and valuations. We deploy evidence-based approaches and quantitative rigor to source and identify the most promising, feasible innovations and ideas that can be scaled to meet the needs of our society today. At Neue Fund, we not only invest in the future, we create it.

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