Sustainable Fashion Brand for Men Innovates  

Adam Torres and Brian Wong discuss sustainable fashion for men. 

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Show Notes:

NORMANS is a Toronto-based online men’s fashion brand that not only embeds sustainability practices into their value chain, it is also a platform that uncovers intriguing stories of its Ambassadors that strives to become a source of inspiration for everyone. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Brian Wong, Co-Founder of NORMANS, explore the NORMANS vision and how its Ambassadors aim to inspire and innovate.  

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About Brian Wong

Brian is a Product Manager in the eCommerce space with over 8 years of experience across the U.S. and Canada. Prior to becoming a Product Manager, Brian worked in corporate finance and as a Management Consultant. Throughout his career, he has led a variety of projects, anywhere from using machine learning for sales forecast to building an agent-based simulation model for improving delivery network efficiency.

Brian possesses a dynamic and an adaptive attitude that has been helping him maintain a problem-solving mindset in order to thrive in any situations he comes across.

Brian is also a Co-Founder running an online fashion business (i.e., NORMANS).


NORMANS is an online fashion brand based out of Toronto, Canada.  NORMANS stands for “men-from-the-North”, “inspiring-the-new-normal”, and ultimately, it channels our belief that there is greatness behind everyone who we walk past on the streets, and each of them has a unique and inspiring story behind them. Our vision is to use the NORMANS brand and products to uncover different stories in order to serve as a source of inspiration for everyone.

NORMANS is also a brand that practices sustainability both with our manufacturing and packaging materials.