Sustainable Packaging Innovations and Adoption with Fred Schonenberg

Adam Torres and Fred Schonenberg discuss sustainable packaging innovations adopted by large corporations.

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Show Notes:

  • Innovation advisory
  • Emerging technologies
  • Environmental impact

Sustainable packaging is a hot topic. With the increase in delivery services and packaging, large corporations are evaluating how they can improve their footprint left on the environment while adding to their bottom lines. In this episode, Adam Torres and Fred Schonenberg, Founder at VentureFuel, Inc., explore sustainable packaging innovations being adopted by companies.

About VentureFuel

VentureFuel helps established companies discover and implement new technologies that drive measurable growth. Described as “the secret weapon”​ to top corporate innovators, our “Excelerator”​ is a repeatable innovation framework that delivers consistent cutting-edge solutions with tangible results. We source the best-in-class of what’s next from the smartest investors around the world and manage solutions from pilots to measurement to ensure busy executives can focus on their core business while reaping the benefits of innovation. VentureFuel has helped over 100 established companies (Netflix, Beam Suntory, General Mills, Microsoft, Hershey’s, The Chicago Cubs, etc.) discover breakthrough technologies and innovations that drove growth, competitive advantage, and tangible results such as 18.7% sales lift, over $10 million in savings and purchase intent increases of 5x.

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