TAAT™ is Revolutionizing their Industry with Setti Coscarella

Adam Torres and Setti Coscarella discuss the nicotine and tobacco free smoking experience.

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Show Notes:

TAAT™ is providing a nicotine and tobacco free smoking experience that serves as an alternative for smokers. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Setti Coscarella, MBA, B.Sc., CEO of TAAT™ Global Alternatives Inc., explore the growth of TAAT™ and plans for expansion going forward.   

About TAAT™

TAAT™ is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free alternative to traditional cigarettes offered in “Original”, “Smooth”, and “Menthol” varieties. The base material is Beyond Tobacco™, a proprietary blend which undergoes a patent-pending refinement technique causing its scent and taste to resemble tobacco. Under executive leadership with “Big Tobacco” pedigree, TAAT™ launched in the United States in Q4 2020 as the Company seeks to position itself in the $814 billion global tobacco industry.