Talent Insurance: The Future of Employee Benefits

Adam Torres and Tom Finn discuss Talent Insurance

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Show Notes:

LeggUP is a leading preventative mental health platform for employees. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tom Finn, Co-Founder & CEO of LeggUP and Host of Talent Empowerment Podcast, explore LeggUp and the Talent Empowerment Podcast.

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About Tom Finn

Tom Finn is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of LeggUP®, the first company to ensure employee productivity, wellbeing and retention for their clients. He is also the host of the Talent Empowerment podcast where he sits down with people leaders, talent development savants, founders, and executives from every industry to learn how they’re driving people innovation. Spending his entire career in the insurance industry, Finn possesses a wealth of experience in employee benefits, InsurTech, business development, and underwriting strategies

About LeggUP

LeggUP is the first and only professional coaching and mental wellbeing platform packaged as an employee benefit. With access to our large network of certified coaches, science-backed assessments, hyper-relevant coaching topics, and people analytics, LeggUP helps organizations of all sizes improve and promote the productivity and wellbeing of their people. And for individuals who need additional mental health support for issues like anxiety, depression, and insomnia, LeggUP provides access to AbilitiCBT, a groundbreaking telehealth platform delivering Cognitive Behavioral Therapy support by a licensed therapist.